Mist began as a creative outlet for designer Penny Pinkster while holidaying in Bali. Penny & her family have been coming to Bali for 30 years and the creative inspiration the island provoked saw the start of the Mist story.

It all began with a small range of kaftans selling to friends and coastal boutiques in Victoria, and as the interest grew so did the business. From a love project to full time employment and relocation to Bali, Mist quickly evolved, opening a boutique in Seminyak and supplying to boutiques Australia wide and internationally.

Mist now has two stores in Bali, which over the last 8 years have become a popular & sought after retail destination on the island, serving customers from all around the world. Enjoying the relaxed designs with unique, hand printed fabrics.

Mist proudly designs and prints all fabrics using beautiful quality and expertly sourced textiles, drawing inspiration from nature, travels and our island home.

Mist has no age barriers, is relaxed, fresh, feminine and easy to wear.

Mist is a family business with a team of beautiful, devoted Balinese staff; everyone comes to work everyday and has fun, lots of laughs and shares in the good fortune.

Everyone at Mist thank-you, all of our customers near and far for your love and support for what we do - without you, it would all still be a dream.